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Exams, Slams and Rushing Dolls

  • by Sally Greer

Poetry is much cooler than school made it out to be. Poetry should hit you in the heart; should feed your mind and set your soul on fire. As local poet and author Courtney Sina Meredith puts it in this Radio NZ interview (5:52-6:21) she did for National Poetry Day, poetry is about expressing your personal truth, celebrating it, and sharing it around.

For your afternoon viewing pleasure and inspiration, we've gathered a small collection of spoken word poetry.

Shane Koyczan – To This Day

A poignant performance that touches on the pain people are capable of inflicting on others through bullying, and that affirms the inherent beauty in us all, despite what others might say.

Courtney Sina Meredith – Basilica
& Rushing Doll

A passionate rendition of two of “our” Courtney's best pieces, punctuated by rhythmic cadence and lyrical acrobatics, and powered by the fire of youth.

Ernestine Johnson – The Average Black Girl

An insightful dissection of the harm caused by racial stereotypes and of how belittling even 'complimentary' stereotyping can feel.

Suli Breaks – I Will Not Let An Exam
Decide My Fate

When an argument about the flaws in many education systems is articulated so succinctly by a student, it becomes hard to argue against.

Kate Tempest – Hold Your Own

A simple mantra that can mean so much. The poet’s Glastonbury audience stands transfixed as they let the words wash over them.

If you'd like to get into poetry, you can check out this page on the NZ Poetry Society's website for events and open mic nights up and down the country.


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