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SOMEWHERE – More Migration Stories

  • by Lorna Jane Harvey

Somewhere – Women’s Stories of Migration, is an anthology that brings an inspiring and uniting voice to the globally relevant topic of migration through the stories of 20 women. More people are likely to be migrating now than at any other time in history, and this is set to increase as economic uncertainty, climate change and political unrest pushes even more people to relocate. From the fleeing refugee to the political and economic migrant, a broad range of migration by people of many cultures, ethnicities, and beliefs is shared in this book. Treasures of wisdom and heartfelt honesty are presented on a personal level rather than though distant, abstract news stories.

However, many more stories are left untold and we would like to hear more stories from you: thanks to Beatnik Publishing’s collaboration, we’re providing this platform for you to tell your story. We hope that the open sharing of many more stories will encourage open-mindedness, tolerance, and acceptance. Anyone with a migration story is welcome to share their stories in the comments below this post. Selected stories will be posted as separate blog posts and shared online through social media.

We look forward to reading your stories!

The fine print: please note that there will be no payment for your post/stories/comments, and you retain the ownership of your posted work. This is not a place to ask for help, but rather a constructive place to share your stories. The posts are mediated, and if we feel that the quality or content is not in line with the platform, we reserve the right to remove entries, as well as post your entries as separate blog posts and share them online through social media. Beatnik Publishing, along with the editor and contributors of the anthology Somewhere, are not responsible for the content and views expressed in these posts/stories/comments.


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