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May 2020 – Make your move! (Wild Kinship tells us how to make it count.)

  • by Sally Greer

We're excited to announce our launch of Wild Kinship by author Monique Hemmingson and on the eve of moving to Alert Level Two that’s cause for a major celebration. Yay!

Monique intimately tells stories of a community of inspiring entrepreneurs committed to making a difference. From tiny-home builders, permaculture growers and muesli bar creators to ceramic jewellers, coffee bean roasters, hat makers and menstrual cup innovators. Each working towards a positive future - one small step at a time.


Running a wholefoods café in Mt Maunganui, Monique came face-to-face with like-minded folk forging a new path that defied the normal business model. Community and collaboration, kindness and nurturing, mindfulness, honesty, balance, integrity, authenticity and even love were amongst the KPIs. The idea for Wild Kinship emerged.

Coming out of lockdown Monique, is eager to hold on to some of the changes her family made. ‘We realised we already have everything we need, and one of those things has been time’.  Spending time with family, cooking from scratch and slowing down to sit and take pleasure from the simple things in life.

If you worry that ‘changing the world’ looks too difficult - don’t. ‘It’s easy to think - what can I possibly do to actually make a difference?’ Monique strongly advocates making small changes. Lockdown at Alert Level Four showed that our individual actions collectively made for a huge difference.


That’s one of the key takeaways from Wild Kinship. Each small and mundane decision made every day, matters. Understanding that where you get groceries from, making the effort to get to your local farmers market, supporting local organic produce growers, thinking where you buy your clothes and even where you get your coffee from, these small actions taken together, create change.

We get to take back our power, prioritise what’s important and not only spark change but also inspire others creatively, professionally and personally towards positive, rewarding and attainable lifestyles that help to aid our planet.

Meet the entrepreneurs leading the way in Wild Kinship. This is a book about life and love. About our communities, our livelihoods and how to find both balance and success personally, by nurturing the wellness of the world around us. We can’t wait for you to get a copy into your hands!



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