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Aside from traditional publishing, we offer a publishing consultancy service geared toward helping you make your personal project the best it can be, and is ideal for anyone aiming to self-publish. 

Drawing on years of publishing experience, the purpose of our consultancy service is to offer guidance on your project in any area you require assistance. The key to successful self-publishing lies in understanding every step of the process, and that the publication of a book does not end when it’s sent back from the printers, but is something you need to nurture and maintain even after it’s hit the shelves. 

At Beatnik, we understand that organisation, preliminary planning and forward-thinking are absolutely key. We’ll explain step-for-step what is required in producing and selling a book, from the early stages of planning to thinking about second and third print runs, and everything in between.

Each consultancy session includes a 60 minute meeting and a follow up email detailing everything that we covered together. Depending on how much assistance you feel you need, you might require a series of meetings or just the one.

Sounds like something you could benefit from? We’d love to hear from you.

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